MARS 5GigE POE series (MARS-G5-P)

Daheng Imaging’s next-generation Mars 5GBase-T data interface series industrial camera officially released Daheng Imaging has officially released its first 5GBase-T (5GigE) Mars industrial camera, which provides more choices for industry users. Trial units are available for request. As a new generation of data interface, 5GBase-T (5GigE) Ethernet interface industrial camera enables speeds of 5 times …

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Anomaly Detection – MVTec Halcon

HALCON’s deep-learning-based anomaly detection allows you to easily detect whether images contain deviations from known training data. To train this network, only a relatively low number of “good” images is required. Consequently, there is also no need to label any data. Combined with its simple and flexible workflow, anomaly detection significantly increases the possibilities to …

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Gocator 2530 Smart 3D Laser Profiler – LMI Gocator

Learn about the all new Gocator 2530 blue laser profiler for 10 kHz inspection in battery and consumer electronics inspection, and rubber & tire and general factory automation applications. Find more information about LMI Gocator here:

Gocator 2490 with a 2 meter Field of View – LMI Gocator

Gocator® 2490 is an all-in-one solution designed to scan large targets in packaging & logistics, automotive assembly, sawmill board optimization, and food processing applications. Find more information about LMI Gocator here:

PALLAS Smart Camera + Merlic – Daheng Imaging

The smart camera PALLAS combined with MVTEC’s powerful, all-in-one, machine vision software MERLIC provides a reliable and fast performance and is an easy-to-use solution without any programming. Featuring the Xilinx Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC (quad-core A53@1.2GHz) processor, PALLAS provides a fast processing speed and an excellent performance. Hirose connectors as well as the lighting control port …

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MERCURY2 PRO USB3.0 series (ME2P-U3)

The MERCURY2 PRO USB3.0 series (ME2P-U3) camera is DAHENG IMAGING’s latest large sensor industrial digital camera, featuring compact design, outstanding performance, high definition and extremely low noise. And the camera supports features with improved built-in ISP algorithms, provides multiple acquisition controls. Thanks to the extremely compact design (36mm × 31mm × 38.8mm) and the locking …

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PLC Integration with MVTec Merlic

MVTec Merlic is the all-in-one software for machine vision without the need for programming. Merlic is able to communicate with many common industrial protocols, like EtherCAT, PROFINET etc. Thus, users can easily integrate their Merlic-based vision solution into their production lines Watch this clip to learn more about Merlic’s process integration. Find more information about …

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