Vision Projects

We have established partnerships with a number of Malaysia’s leading machine vision Systems Integrators. Through this network of companies we are able to offer you a state-of-the-art custom vision solution for your parts inspection needs. Our broad geographical coverage throughout Malaysia means you can deal with an experienced local company for supply and support and be reassured that they have our extensive expertise and experience backing them.

We offer cost-effective solutions by clearly identifying our customers needs, adding value where possible and providing vision solutions that work accurately and reliably with little maintenance needs which are often unique to cost sensitive applications. We have experience with providing turnkey systems for many different applications and industries including general manufacturing, automative, mining, packaging, printing, defence, medical, sports, agriculture, and acquaculture.

Our vision engineers are equipped with multidisciplinary skills in optics, lighting design, cameras, software and automation. We offer custom vision solutions for simple or complex applications, from single camera to multi-camera synchronised systems, area scan or line scan and we use commercial off-the-shelf components so that our customers have multi-source options if they choose.

If you would like to apply to join our Partner Program as a systems integrator please contact us. The process for acceptance is rigorous but rewarding.

For information on how we can solve your inspection problem and to find your closest vision systems integrator please contact us.