MARS 5GigE POE series (MARS-G5-P)

Daheng Imaging’s next-generation Mars 5GBase-T data interface series industrial camera officially released

Daheng Imaging has officially released its first 5GBase-T (5GigE) Mars industrial camera, which provides more choices for industry users. Trial units are available for request. As a new generation of data interface, 5GBase-T (5GigE) Ethernet interface industrial camera enables speeds of 5 times that of standard Gigabit Ethernet. Even with ordinary CAT5e and CAT6 network cables, the transmission distance can still be up to 100 meters.

The camera supports Power over Ethernet (PoE), which simplifies integration and reduces costs. At the same time, the camera inherits the advantages of the compact structure of the Mars series industrial camera. The “hard core” structure design can easily meet the challenges of various harsh industrial environments without requiring a large heat-sink or fan. The main highlights of 5GigE MARS industrial cameras are faster frame rates, compact size, and excellent price-performance ratio. It supports 5GBase-T transmission speed and is backward compatible with GBase-T/1000Base-T .

Product advantages

  • Data speed up to 600MB / s
  • 100% compatible with GigE Vision
  • Transmission distance up to 100m

Functional characteristics

  • Support Power over Ethernet (PoE, compatible with IEEE802.3af standard)
  • Support custom ROI, lower resolution can increase frame rate
  • Programmable settings for gain, exposure time and white balance (white balance function is only effective for color cameras)
  • Auto Gain, Auto Exposure, Auto White Balance (Auto White Balance is only effective for color cameras)
  • Three working modes: continuous acquisition / soft trigger acquisition / external trigger acquisition
  • Support parameter group function
  • Support black level adjustment to adjust image brightness
  • Support dead pixel correction
  • Supports adjustment of packet length, packet interval, and reserved bandwidth to optimize simultaneous acquisition and transmission by multiple machines
  • Support 1Gbit / s, 2.5Gbit / s and 5Gbit / s switching between different transmission rates
  • CE and RoHS certification
  • Supports GenICam ™ and GigE Vision®, which can be directly connected to third-party software such as HALCON, MERLIC, LabVIEW
  • The driver has been optimized for 32bit / 64bit Windows and supports operating systems and architectures such as Linux, ARMv7 and ARMv8
  • Free SDK and rich secondary development example source code
Product numberSensorResolutionCell sizeTarget sizeData interfaceFrame rate
MARS-1231-46G5M/CPSony IMX253 Global4096 (H)   × 3000 (V)3.45 μ m1.1 “5GBase-T PoE46 fps