MERCURY2 PRO USB3.0 series (ME2P-U3)

The MERCURY2 PRO USB3.0 series (ME2P-U3) camera is DAHENG IMAGING’s latest large sensor industrial digital camera, featuring compact design, outstanding performance, high definition and extremely low noise. And the camera supports features with improved built-in ISP algorithms, provides multiple acquisition controls. Thanks to the extremely compact design (36mm × 31mm × 38.8mm) and the locking screw connectors, the ME2P-U3 cameras can secure the reliability of cameras deployed in harsh environments. And four-side mounting holes provide maximum installation flexibility for ME2P-U3 cameras.


The first camera of the Mercury II PRO series USB3.0, the ME2P-1230-23U3M/C , has been officially mass-produced. It is now officially on sale and accepted for loan testing! The ME2P-1230-23U3M/C camera is a large format , high-resolution industrial camera developed and produced by Daheng Image after a long period of market research and combining with the urgent needs of users in the machine vision industr, providing more choices for users in the industrial field. The size of the camera is only 36mm × 31mm × 38.8mm, which is suitable for most users with strict space requirements.

The ME2P-1230-23U3M/C continues the advantages of a compact and sturdy Mercury camera, supporting multiple functions such as Decimation, Binning , color enhancement, mirror flip, digital shift, and black level. It can output high-quality images while providing multiple acquisition Way, there are screw mounting holes on all sides, which can be flexibly installed under different structures, which can meet the requirements of various visual applications.

It is worth noting that the camera uses a Sony IMX304 CMOS sensor chip and transmits image data through a USB 3.0 data interface. It integrates an I/O (GPIO) interface and provides a cable locking device. It is a cost-effective, reliable and stable industrial camera as well performs well in a variety of harsh environments. ME2P-1230-23U3M/C is suitable for use in industrial inspection, medical, scientific research, education and security fields, due to its small size, sturdy, convenient installation and excellent performance.