Optimize your 3D Data for Surface-based 3D-Matching with MVTec HALCON

In this tutorial, you will learn how to optimize your surface-based matching results with MVTec HALCON by properly preparing the 3D input data.

By working with 2D XYZ-mappings, we can optimize the matching process robustly and fast. For example, removing the background of a 3D scene often can both speed up the matching and help avoiding false matches. 

Additionally, we take a quick look at additional options like defining symmetries or restrict the range of rotations of searched matches.

0:50 Requirements of create_surface_model
2:42 Working with XYZ-mappings
3:50 Requirements of find_surface_model 
4:22 Removing the background of a 3D scene

In this video, a preview version of HALCON 19.05 is used. You can download the used program here: https://www.mvtec.com/news-press/video/detail/surface-based-matching-with-halcon-2

Find more information about Halcon here: https://www.mvtec.com