Edge-supported Surface-based 3D-Matching with MVTec HALCON

In this tutorial, you will learn how to extend the functionality of surface-based matching with MVTec HALCON by also using edges of objects in the 3D scene.

Using the procedure debug_find_surface_model, we will optimize the used parameters and check the matching result. 

0:54 Train 3D edges
1:53 Requirements on XYZ-mappings
2:25 Checking the 3D edges and the viewpoint
3:41 Further functionality, using 2D images

In this video, a preview version of HALCON 19.05 is used. You can download the used program here: https://www.mvtec.com/news-press/video/detail/surface-based-matching-with-halcon-3

Find more information about Halcon here: https://www.mvtec.com